Lee Jung Jin reveals his dazzling girlfriend?! … and Hyung Bin is jealous?

Wonderful couple jjang! ^^

Actor Lee Jung Jin revealed his stunning girlfriend! Yesterday, the handsome actor tweeted “This is my girlfriend Shin Jin Ah ^^ Do we look good together?” along with the following photo.

By “girlfriend,” he was referring to the gorgeous actress Lee Min Jung. The two took the photo together while shooting a movie. In the photo, Lee Jung Jin is flashing a bright smile while making a V sign, alongside Lee Min Jung.

Netizens commented “I was thinking of a real girlfriend… what!”, “You two look good together. Visually pleasing couple,” “It’s cute how he has shyly put his hand around her shoulder.

Meanwhile, Lee Jung Jin and Lee Min Jung are currently shooting the movie “Wonderful Radio” together.

Lee Jung Jin reveals picture of girlfriend… Lee Min Jung?

an old pic uploaded by Jung Jin oppa  few months ago … Is he a Min Jung fan? =P

Actor Lee Jeong-jin introduced his beauty girlfriend.

He uploaded on his Twitter, “This is my girlfriend, do we look good together?”

His so called girlfriend is Lee Min-jeong and the two took this picture at the movie shooting site. Lee Jeong-jae’s hand is carefully on her shoulder and is smiling brightly. Lee Min-jeong is wearing a see-through blouse, looking sexy.

Netizen’s say, “I thought it was real…you look good together”, “You’re a visual couple”, “His shy hand on her shoulder is cute” and more.

Lee Min-jeong and Lee Jeong-jin are currently filming the movie “Wonderful Radio”.

After the condition caused by the pic , Hyun Bin left a message to Jung Jin  :

그럼 이제 형수님이네요~~~?????^^푸하핫~~!!!!!!!!!이촌사이~~!!!!!ㅎㅎ완전신난다잉~~RT @RunJungjin 제여자친구 신진아입니다^^ 잘어울리나요? ㅋㅋ

Google translate (as you may know) it’s a natural enemy xD … so try by yourself haha

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  1. MinJung as HyungBin’s sis-in-law??/
    LOL this is so unpredictable 😀

  2. seriously dazzling ❤


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