Lee Kyung Kyu Advises Kim Gura During His Leave

Lee Kyung Kyu shared what Kim Gura has been doing in his time of self-reflection after his insensitive comments that caused a public outcry.

On May 10 at Seoul’s DMS in Mapo-gu, the filming of Martian Virus started with an interview with Lee Kyung Kyu. Also included in this interview were Kim Sung Joo and Lee Yoon Suk, who was Kim Gura’s new replacement.

When asked if he gave any word of advice to Kim Gura in his time of self-reflection, Lee Kyung Kyu replied “I told him that this is a good time to rest. It’s good to have time to be understood and forgiven about the things in the past. I personally think it’s beneficial for Kim Gura, since he’s been running nonstop for many years now.”

He added, “If he ever comes back, he won’t be a completely different person, but perhaps he’ll return as a better person than before. He’s a very unique and great junior colleague, so I believe that he’ll be on a short hiatus and return to us soon.

In 2002, when Kim Gura was hosting an internet broadcast program, he made belittling comments about comfort women. This incident was recently came to the attention of the public and he has been a victim of public criticism. Due to his insensitive comments, Kim Gura has halted all of his activities and has moved into a time of self-reflection.

Meanwhile, Martian Virus is a show that finds people in South Korea who have very unique traits and explores through their philosophy of life. The show has been gaining attention with bizarre guests in each episode. It airs every Tuesday night.

Source : Enewsworld

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